HAPPY NEW YEAR! And A Few Things

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is starting off 2017 happy and healthy.

I know, I KNOW…I’m more behind than ever.  A real blog is forthcoming, I promise.  But a few fun and exciting things in the meantime…

Please enjoy my latest video creation – snorkeling the sunken Jesus statue in Las Gatas beach in Zihuatanejo. That song was playing in my head the entire time, and well, I couldn’t NOT make this video.  Jonny and I just spent some great time together aboard SUMMER.  Real blog. Soon. Really!   For now:


I’m making CALENDARS!  I know, I should have thought of this a couple of months ago.  But here it is.  Who wants a 2017 Calendar?  Please email me and let me know so I can order one for you.  They will be $19.95 which includes mailing to you (in the continental US only–more for elsewhere).  Next year I will start early and make different themes (sunsets, sea critters, etc).


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! And A Few Things”

  1. how can you snorkel around jesus without blowing all of your bubbles?? omg wish i could be there. jesus did say he would come back some day but didn’t say when or where.
    of course he would choose warm water and a more forgiving culture second time around.
    that’s my man!!

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